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Notes on our Message Board Directory:

For purposes of categorizing our stock message boards, we have followed the market cap conventions as defined by sources such as Investopedia. We recognize that conceptually market cap definitions involve a certain amount of fluidity and arbitrariness.

Large Cap*: Stocks whose market capitalization is greater than $10 billion
Mid Cap*: Stocks whose market capitalization is between $2 billion and $10 billion
Small Cap*: Stocks whose market capitalization is less that $2 billion
OTCBB: Stocks whose shares trade on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, irrespective of market capitalization
Pink Sheets: Stocks whose shares trade on the "Pink Sheets" irrespective of market capitalization
Community Boards: Public boards for market related but non-stock specific discussion
Group Boards: Private and Semi-Private Boards created and moderated by registered members of InvestorVillage. Topics of discussion are governed by the moderators, subject to the terms and conditions of our User Agreement.

NOTE: Obviously, these arbitrary dividing lines are blurred at the edges. So for example, stocks close to the pivot point, such as $1.99 billion, will inevitably vary throughout the course of a year or even a single trading day, bouncing above and below the $2 billion mark. If you believe that a stock has passed meaningfully from one category to another, please let us know and we will reevaluate its categorization.

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