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Basic Information
Age 65
Gender Male
Location East Meadow, Long Island  NY  USA
Education yup...on air, on stage on camera..not investing, yet
Primary Occupation writer, radio personality
Other Occupation actor, thespian, lover of red headed women
Favorite Stocks right now 12/08...tough one AXL, SPAR,GMPT, C, BBY, DNDN, AMGN, SLX, MOO. UGY,KOL. (etf's). There are a few others I like on and off, but I really really want to like Apple, I really do. We took such a nice ride down so far together, it would be so mice to enjoy it back up. Oh yeah, finally, SYNA....when holidays are over and next line of phones are ready. From the IPOD wheel to the latest touch screen, Synaptics is innovator of them all. As they all grew from the original. Like the fruits of a poisonous tree. apple gives no credit to SYNA for its tech help it got and reused itself for its own touch pad, like ever here of Iphone? Anyway they still are changing the industry and is down now. but watch it up to sixty, down to 20...rinse, repeat!
Favorite Links/Tools/Etc.
Other Sites I Post On, facebook, sorry to admit, still don't understand its purpose though, EBAY, again my apologies, Google,Yahoo, Clear Station, the Street (free stuff), MSN for stock stuff and Scottrade for real time stuff too and my $
Investing In Market Since 2006
Languages engliihs jibberish Tibetan chanting
Additional Information
Staples is stage name
Boards Staples Follows
_____xGxENxZ ____xxGenzyme Corporation 
____xPExTxM ____PetSmart, Inc. 
___xCxOxIN ___xxConverted Organics Inc. 
ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. 
AGN Allergan Inc. 
AIS Antares Pharma Inc.  
BDSI BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. 
CGEN Compugen Ltd. 
CREE Cree, Inc. 
DDSS Labopharm Inc. 
DEPO Depomed Inc 
DNDNQ Dendreon Corporation 
ELN Elan Corporation, plc 
EXAS EXACT Sciences Corporation 
FCEL FuelCell Energy, Inc. 
FCSC Fibrocell Science, Inc. 
GNBT Generex Biotechnology Corporation 
HIPP Hipcricket, Inc. 
IDTA IDenta Corp. 
IGXT IntelGenx Technologies Corp. 
IMSC Implant Sciences Corporation 
KTCC Key Tronic Corporation 
LPTN Lpath Inc. 
MDRX Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 
MELA Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc. 
OCAT Ocata Therapeutics, Inc. 
OIIM O2Micro International Limited 
OPK OPKO Health, Inc. 
SPAR Spartan Motors, Inc. 
SYNA Synaptics Inc. 
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