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Age 69
Gender Male
Location   TX  
Education PBJC (Paid-Basher-Junior-College)
Primary Occupation CEO
Other Occupation stock enthusiast
Favorite Stocks Put options in any chinaR/M farce available.
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Investing In Market Since 1999
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Yearning for PAID-bashers at my stock boards? TIA
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______xSxNxDxA ______xSxhaxndax Interactive Entertainment Limited 
____xFxEExD ____xxAgFeed Industries, Inc. 
ABAT Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. 
ACLO ACL Semiconductor Inc. 
ACTS Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 
ADTR Alliance Distributors Holding Inc. 
ADY American Dairy, Inc. (Listed NYSE Arca) 
AERP Aero Performance Products, Inc. 
ALIF Artificial Life, Inc. 
AOB American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. 
APWR A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. 
AQUI AQUAGOLD International 
ASIA Asiainfo Holdings Inc 
BPTR BrandPartners Group Inc. 
BWMG Brownie's Marine Group, Inc.  
CAAS China Automotive Systems, Inc. 
CAGC China Agritech, Inc. 
CBAK China BAK Battery, Inc. 
CDII China Direct, Inc. 
CEUA China Education Alliance, Inc. 
CFSG China Fire & Security Group, Inc. 
CGRH Cougar Holdings Inc 
CHBT China-Biotics, Inc. 
CHCG China 3C Group 
CHGS China GengSheng Minerals, Inc. 
China Stocks Discuss ADRs, Reverse Merger & Foreign Entity stocks that do business primarily in China. 
CHLN China Housing & Land Development, Inc. 
CHME China Medicine Corporation 
CHNG China Natural Gas, Inc. 
CHNR China Natural Resources, Inc. 
CHSH China Shoe Holdings Inc. 
CHVC China Voice Holding Corp. 
CIWT China Industrial Waste Management Inc. 
CKGT China Kangtai Cactus Biotech, Inc. 
CMED China Medical Technologies, Inc. 
CNEP China North East Petroleum Holdings Ltd. 
CNIT China Information Security Technology, Inc.  
CNOA China Organic Agriculture, Inc. 
CNYD China Yida Holding, Co., Ltd. 
COGO Comtech Group Inc 
CPHI China Pharma Holdings, Inc 
CPSL China Precision Steel, Inc. 
CSGH China Sun Group High-Tech Development Co. 
CSKI China Sky One Medical,Inc. 
CSR China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. 
CTDC China Technology Development Group Corporation 
CTDH CTD Holdings Inc. 
CTFO China TransInfo Technology Corp. 
CTON Calton Inc. 
CTRP International, Ltd. 
CXTI China Expert Technology, Inc. 
CYD China Yuchai International Ltd. 
CYOS CYOP Systems International Inc. 
CYXI China Yingxia International, Inc. 
DPDW Deep Down, Inc.  
DRJ Dreams Inc. 
EDU New Oriental Education & Technology Group  
EGMI Electronic Game Card Inc. 
ENHT enherent Corp. 
FEEC Far East Energy Corp. 
FUQI Fuqi International, Inc. 
GSCL GS CleanTech Corporation  
GSI General Steel Holdings Inc. 
GUPR Guilin Paper Inc. 
GXYF Galaxy Nutritional Foods Inc. 
HLSYF HLS Systems International Limited 
HMIN Homeinns Hotel Group 
HQS HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries Inc. 
HRBN Harbin Electric, Inc. 
IMTS Interactive Motorsports & Entertainment Corp. 
JRJC China Finance Online Co. Limited 
KUN China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. 
LBWR Labwire Inc. 
LDK LDK Solar Co., Ltd. 
LFT Longtop Financial Technologies Limited 
LONG eLong, Inc. 
LTUS Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. 
LWLL Linkwell Corporation 
NOEC New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp. 
NSLT Nano Superlattice Technology Inc. 
NTES NetEase, Inc. 
NXTI Next Inc.  
Options Strategies  
PCYN Procyon Corporation 
PUDA Puda Coal, Inc. 
RCH China Architectural Engineering, Inc. 
RINO RINO International Corp 
SDTH ShengdaTech Inc. 
SEED Origin Agritech Limited 
SGZH Songzai International Holding Group, Inc. 
SHZ China Shenzhou Mining & Resources, Inc. 
SNEN Sinoenergy Corporation 
SOEN Solar EnerTech Corp. 
SOHU, Inc. 
SRNW Stratos Renewables Corporation 
SSTP Sustainable Power Corp. 
STHL Synthenol Inc. 
SUTR Sutor Technology Group Limited 
SVA Sinovac Biotech Ltd. 
SYBF Syntec Biofuel Inc. 
SYTE Sitestar Corporation 
TRDY Trudy Corporation 
TSTC Telestone Technologies Corporation 
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USSE U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp.  
UTA Universal Travel Group  
VISN VisionChina Media Inc.  
WATG Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. 
WEGI Windswept Environmental Group, Inc. 
WNYN Warp 9, Inc. 
YGE Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited 
YTEC Yucheng Technologies Limited 

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