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Philadelphia Flower show

My wife and I drove to Philly, picked up my daughter and attended the flower show.
As per Wikipedia:
"The Philadelphia Flower Show is an annual event produced by The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and traditionally held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in early March.[1] It is the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the world,[2] attracting more than 250,000 people annually.[3] It has also been described as "the country's oldest, largest, and most prestigious celebration of flowers."
It was glorious and it was packed. There were far too many people crammed into the convention center. Lines for exhibits were hundreds of people long.
It was sort of like final COVID closure. We attended in 2020 weeks before COVID shut downs occurred. The next two years the show was held outdoors. This year it returned to it usual March Convention Center venue.
An 80 year old bonsai tree about two feet tall:
 Of course we went to China town to our favorite noodle restaurant afterwards and had steamed pork soup noodles

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