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Re: Lets reinvigorate this board with more Energy Investing Ideas

 As someone who has had the pleasure of meeting Oiljack in person several times now - both in his area of Saskatchewan near Regina - and with his good friend DataBayes plus several well regarded investors of his acquaintance - I'd just like to say what a pleasure it has been. I even wrote a whimsical piece about a meet-up we had in the Earls restaurant close to the Legislature Buildings in the Queen City. (I was involved for many years on oil projects in SE Saskatchewan for a variety of operators at the time.)
I think he has simply tired of the IV BBs - he had many great ideas and the man was a genius at ferreting out interesting investment targets - but he played a Jim Rockford kind of game getting to find out insiders who who had been sidelined and cultivated them for "information." However in the great game of Spy vs Spy - who is the Player and who is the Played? We are all adults and ultimately responsible for our own decisions - but it is also true that one way or another we are all "under the influence" of a good story - well told! Oiljack found some terrific stories and many were good - for a while until they wer'n't. This happens. He left the Oil and Gas BB to go over to start another couple of BBs one private - I was a member for a while until I caught one fellow being a shameless promotor of pump and dump - and called them out.
Never mind - the Oyel Patch is not what it once was - there really are so few great stories to play with due to the overriding power of Macro Events. There is also the simple fact that as we descend into the murkier and more dismal base of our oil and gas resource pyramid looking for the ever elusive hydrocarbon molecules - we tend to be faced by far more vague and voodoo reservoir engineering wiseacreings and economic forecasts. It has become increasingly impossible to tell the poseurs from the genuine article anymore.

I too crossed swords with the alternate facts on the EI BB with the inevitable result - I have never wished to go back either as it has become home to alternate facts, pseudo science and seriously right wing tropes - which of course are all happily tolerated. I consider myself a centrist kind of Classical Liberal - a reasonably intelligent observer of the human condition - and a pretty talented and experienced geoscientist and Oyel Patch guy. (The fact that there is no home for me on the EI BB is telling in itself!) 
I am no shrinking violet when it comes to Political opinions - I usually call bullshit where and when I see it. (Unless I must be kind!)
I understand very well the science and reality of AGW and so I have a really hard time taking those who believe or pretend that it is all clap trap. It is simply a case that when a person has shown they cannot be trusted with the little things - how can they be trusted with anything else??? Those who pretend that AGW is false and all political usually are great believers in the well known anti AGW prostitutes who have sold their science for increased book sales and personal gain. They believe the pseudo science totally uncritically while finding fault with every true scientific ambiguity of detail on the more reasonable AGW front. They also make the terrible mistake of believing that magical Thinking idiocy that Oil and Gas reserves are essentially infinite - and so human societies have no cause to find any alternatives - a viewpoint so patently against the rationality of Maths and Physics they so willingly embrace to show their loyalty to a cult.
Best of luck finding a new home fundamental. I think there are a few good BBs still if you look around - none really "busy" but quality is better than quantity. I continue to read the EI BB because there remains some excellent personnel there once the rest have been suitable "binned." I continue to dialogue and have conversations with the better and more balanced posters and do it through the medium of inbox messaging and e-mail. I get asked my opinions on many stories and try to do enough due diligence to answer any particular questions or issues.
My focus now is on helping a tiny minnow resource company with interest in Cambodia both in the offshore and onshore - and that means I get to keep track on what VLE is up to as well. I did have the pleasure last June/July of travelling to Phnom Penh and meeting with a former Kris Energy Geologist/Geophysicist with some 15 years direct experience in the Region - and I was able to put together a 2 1/2 hour presentation to the Minister of Petroleum in that country plus all his technical advisory team.
There is life after EI - just as there is life outside IV too. I suspect many have done the same - moved from active poster to lurker to avoid getting embroiled in the political collosseum brawls with all kinds of nasty animals. (When the Christian and genteel get thrown in with the lions - it really only goes one way and only appeals to the most brutish and gore enthralled...) There are quieter waters and better places.
Good luck - even poor old Luckyone is getting roasted by the carnivores for pushing his luck... (Wilk gets a pass as the only genuine poster to say his mind on anything - but "that's what friends are for" to quote the Buzzards off Jungle Book...)
GS (Justin Snelling P Geol ARSM) 

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