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Re: Interesting article//EVs vs ICE again

 I do have one issue with this statement:

"In all, the various energy losses in an EV add up to 31% to 35%. Regenerative braking adds 22% back into the system, making the overall efficiency around 87% to 91%."
I have a huge issue with this statement for the simple reason that you cannot add the
implied efficiency of ~70-65% of the EV with the recoupment of kinetic energy during
braking. They are different animals (see below why). 
To be fair did not read the original article (pushed away by the above statement).
Furthermore the overall efficiency of an EV is NOT 65-70% (may be INSIDE an EV
the efficiency is ~70% but not overall) and a hybrid ICE car can also have
regenerative braking (22% or whatever).
Now concerning energy efficiency. 
The EV efficiency looking at the full energy pathway is not better than an ICE car.
The EV has too many energy conversions and related losses (2nd Thermodynamic
An EV runs on electricity which on the margin is produced by hydrocarbons.
1) Hydrocarbon--->electricity 50% efficiency
2) Transmission of electricity 8% losses 92% efficiency
3) AC--->DC 90% (?)
4) DC--->chemical 90% (?)
5) Chemical---->DC 90% (?)
6) DC---->kinetic (electric motor) 80%
Putting everything together EV efficiency = 0.5X0.92X0.9X0.9X0.9X0.8 = 27%
An ICE is 25-30%, diesel can reach 50%
So an EV is not better than an ICE.
Braking energy can vary from 0% (pure highway driving) to over 50% (constant 
hard acceleration to max speed, hard break to stop repeat).
If adding EV efficiency with regenerative braking % recoupment was correct, in theory
you could have efficiencies of over 100%. This is clearly wrong. 
An EV has the added disadvantage that in winter uses electrical energy for heating.
An ICE uses waste heat increasing its overall effective efficiency. 

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