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Re: VET - Quick call comments - Basin

 One must also consider...and Naamkat has pointed out that management is sandbagging results....
Never make excuses for management-in my experience in this sector-collectively managements engage in hyperbole.  I have been following this discussion in earnest. My reaction to the earnings and their plans, I thought they were pretty good.
But I read several board members posts about how they were disappointed, and the oil price was down.  I tried shorting quite a few shares and made some lunch money, but my energy stocks turned up and I covered.  I was surprised at the strength in energy, despite oil being down.  I also was surprised at the strength in Vet.
For me this market is a trading market until, I feel more secure.  I also made quite a bit of money shorting Six flags.  But again, this was a one-day activity.  I am contemplating a short of the Arkk Fund it has had quite a run.  I am going to be watching Vet for a possible short because it has had one heck of a run from 18.  To me there is a time to buy and hold, and a time to trade.  Sometimes my trades work out, and sometimes they don't.  There is also a time to be completely out of the market.
Two of my accounts are at their all-time high, one not even close. Still, this has been my best 18 months, and this is not a time to get stubborn.  I will continue to trade, until I see
a discernable trend to ride either long or short. 

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