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Re: Confused?

 I also typically run a position in about 8 stocks or less.  I keep it simple.  My approach is a top-down approach.  I look at the macro, then the sector and then try and find stocks that I think will benefit the most.  I do not try and fight the Fed.   If I think, I am right but the market or my stocks are moving against me. I simply sell and look to buy in lower.  
We currently are facing markets that move extremely fast.  Commodity stocks are caught up in a maelstrom of competing forces.  Inflation, recession fears, a strong dollar, and rapid currency fluctuations.  We have a Fed. that has picked up the bible and sworn to crush inflation with rate increases, and QT. So far, they have not engaged in QT maybe they can't.  The last time they said they were going to balance their books after 2009 turned out to be bullshit.
The point to all of this is energy stocks move 2-10% on any given day.  Over a period of about 6 weeks, they fell 30 to 40%, There is ample opportunity for trading, if you are not greedy.  There is ample opportunity to get your clocked cleaned if you get stubborn, and hold your positions, there is ample opportunity to get it wrong if you short a stock, at the wrong time.  I recently did this with Netflix.  But who cares there is always another opportunity in this market.  This is how I am currently playing it.

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