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Re: 66.26 is important today

First of all, I am charting the April futures price and not the today price. The April futures closed at 66.31. Each futures months have different closes but that does not matter as what the computers, algorithms and traders always use the lead futures month for their chart evaluations

Crude Oil Apr 23 (CL=F)

NY Mercantile - NY Mercantile Delayed Price. Currency in USD
66.34-2.01 (-2.94%
Secondly, these charts stop trading at 5:00 pm. I know that officially, Oil closes at 2:30 pm but the charts don't stop until 5:00 pm. I have never researched this discrepancy given that my chart evaluations are based on the charts themselves (which is what the traders and computers use). Keep in mind that I am a chart "reader" and therefore I need to use the charts for reading and not the times that are used for trading to stop, for us traders. 
Last but not least, this information is common knowledge if you simply do some research or ask. You have made a statement that is somewhat degrading of me personally, without knowing the facts. You should do more research before you open your mouth to say something that is misinformed. This is what the charts say and not what I (or you) personally believe. The computers use the charts as they are set up. That is what is important. 
and by the way, these are the same charts I have been using for 47 years and what all my evaluations/chart reading are based on. Evidently, they are correct as my chart reading is on point all the time and if I was wrong, then my chart reading would be wrong as well. It has not been for 47 years, why would I do something different just because you doubt it. 

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