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JT on Stupidity, green energy and fossil fuels - From POB

12/03/2023 at 9:43 am
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Who was executed in a concentration camp in Germany in 1944 concluded that Stupidity is more dangerous than Evil. Once cornered by facts a stupid person will lash out in character assasination or physical assasination as he experienced.

“Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice,” Bonhoeffer wrote, “[Evil] can be exposed and, if need be, prevented by use of force. Evil always carries within itself the germ of its own subversion in that it leaves behind in human beings at least a sense of unease. Against stupidity we are defenseless.”

According Bonhoeffer, you can’t fight stupidity with reason, facts, protests, or your fists, because, to the stupid, “Reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply need not be believed… and when facts are irrefutable they are just pushed aside as inconsequential, as incidental. In all this the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack.”

That pattern can easily be seen here. Shellman, Carnot, Hideway, and others are attacked for disagreeing with the mass media’s green narrative.

Bonhoeffer identified the cause of societal stupidity like this: “Every strong upsurge of power in the public sphere, be it of a political or of a religious nature, infects a large part of humankind with stupidity. It would even seem that this is virtually a sociological-psychological law.”

So the green energy transition hysteria which we are presently experiencing is exactly what he experienced in Nazi Germany. The pattern includes group speak.

Consider this description of the typical stupid person from Bonhoeffer:

“He is not independent. In conversation with him, one virtually feels that one is dealing not at all with a person, but with slogans, catchwords and the like that have taken possession of him. He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being.“

Carbon capture, renewable energy. ESG, Solar Wind cheaper than coal, etc. short simple sentences repeated often in the form of eye catching headlines. Edward Bernays would be proud.

Hydro carbon resources are a once in a lifetime inheritance that should be treasured not squandered. Definitely should not be vilified it’s been a gift we never worked for. It’s irreplaceable and finite and once gone there is no replacement for it. That’s the absolute truth but with it comes another truth.

The interconnected global economic system requires infinite growth without it it must collapse because money lent into existence must be paid with interest which is derived from future money lent into existence. If the velocity declines the system topples because the stock value of money depends on the constant flow. So whether we like it or not energy consumption must increase to match the financial growth with material growth if it doesn’t (as is now the case) it’s purchasing power evaporates (aka inflation).

These are basic realities although unfamiliar to economists who will promote their decoupling theologies.

For those so inclined reality is maddening and only violence can bring things into proper order.

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