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Re: Doomberg Windbaggery

We repeated our claim that levelized cost of (wind power) electricity (LCOE) estimates were tantamount to fraud, and that the veil would soon be lifted, causing significant disruption to the entire wind value chain"
The Doomberg chicken keeps behind her paywall whatever she has that might justify this and the other wild statements on wind costs. The US NREL, Lazard Bros., IEA and multiple other agencies who have tracked LCOE for 10-30 years agree on the downward trend in costs though it has flattened in the last few years. Here's the last NREL review (the '22 review will be out in Nov/Dec)
 $34/mwh for land based utility scale is cheap electricity, about half the cost of the cheapest nat gas generated power in the US. 
It's a big part of why Texas keeps adding wind turbines faster than any other state, and they have the wind to drive the turbines. Predictions of collapsing the grid with intermittency strains have repeatedly been wrong, in Texas, the UK, Germany, Denmark, etc.  The costs and hazards of integrating the intermittency of wind power are wildly and routinely exaggerated by the ideological opponents. There have been hiccups in the last year, particularly for Siemens/Gamesa and offshore costs have definitely risen, mostly because of inflation, but the end of wind power is not nigh.
  Meanwhile China, after going all in on solar, lithium batteries and EVs, is now going all in on wind power. They now produce about 40% of the world's wind turbines.

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