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Re: Two things I learned

What a bizarre marketplace, Tua, KC and Rag.  Three-year growth in S&P is largely tied to a handful of nosebleed-PE stocks.  Follow the MOMO.  Value and small cap plays are pre-Covid lagging.  Many biotech stocks have clear evidence of performance but are caught in sub-$10, non-investible mode ... (largely down 40 to 60% from three years ago -- REF:  SGMO IV post 174460). 
Crypto still working on gaining Wall Street oversight, an enigma covered by a shroud --  Jamie, "Because our clients want it."  Uber- bizarro to think that the foundation of crypto is to avoid regulation.  Let's see how stupid we can really get by not only considering to cover defaulted loans set up by for-profit "colleges" and bailing the big banks for synthetic CDOs,  venture money in regional banks, but hey ... to get Joe Sixpack into the crypt0 game, can we get Congress to insure crypto losses?  
Groundhog day, every day in many nascent bio stocks.  
Impossible to say what is behind the curtains, Rag ... except that the casino seems to own the flow.  Alaunos spending six weeks in a three-cent range really talks to the power of the casino gaming table --  "Shave the Fourth Decimal"  at over a million shares a day. 
I actually think that the trial data would not make a damn bit of difference at this point.  I may have to await commercial success at a mega-high growth to find "fair value." The casino obviously does so well playing its manipulation game. Classic example:  you could have bought CRMD in 2011 and 2017 for the same price it is today ... and yet, the trials are over, the liquid drug is approved ... but the GMP approval is still open (FDA decision due with six weeks).  Ignore twelve years of learnings.   SGMO, not far off .... it is also in deep value vs. accomplishment and innovation.  Zero worth assigned by the casino, despite very good initial data in trials of four major blockbuster indications.  Their market cap is less than their cash, therefore, zero worth attributed to 20 years of learnings and I would guess over 50 patents within their science.   JBWIN is our reliable tracker on that estimate.   I will bite my typing fingers here.  For the first time, I will avoid my oft-mentioned, deep value of TCRT.
That old saw -- the market looks six months ahead ... in the casino it looks ahead six nanoseconds.  And you can bet that the casino will fight the SEC requiring the collection of trading activities among all asset classes. 
The government wants to know everything in consumer transactions above $400 but 200 exchanges burning through a small country's worth of energy to support private wealth and hedge funds including dark pools  --- say  ..." Hands off our data!"  Citadel just paid $seven million in a SEC fine for "millions" of incorrect coding of long trades ... that were short.   Hmm, think $34 B.. B..Billion in money under management ... could not get that right?  Algo at its best.  Does anyone really think someone hit the wrong key or programmed the wrong code?
Sorry for the rant.  I feel better now.
Cannot imagine how Dell is reacting with 15 million shares as of the end of June.   

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