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Rob Cos

The following message was updated on 2/14/2023 3:07:02 PM.

Here's today's Initiation report PDF and some thoughts....

Have moved on to better things than posting daily but wanted to share this Buy Initiation - it's not a large firm and I could have written a better report, but it does have some key paragraphs I will cite below in my quick update as investors have been contacting me the past yr about this. Full report here:
I added substantially in Q4 and still believe some day - especially now with Color Software Version 7 and the Current Software Version 6 about to be launched - that PURE EP studies will prove large time savings allowing ablations to be performed more quickly in addition to the Benefits cited below copied from today's Buy Initiation analyst report:
"PURE EP benefits: PURE EP’s features may allow physicians to better determine
precise ablation targets, strategy, and end point of procedures with the
objective of reducing the need for patients to undergo multiple procedures, and
to allow for less experienced EP physicians to perform more complex
procedures. It is estimated that over half of cardiac ablation procedures are not
successful (requires additional ablation procedures)."
While this investment has been brutally slow in panning out, I believe the new team and the new versions of software will finally allow my vision for this company to become a reality. PURE EP will allow faster more efficient ablations to be performed with better signals, less noise and now with the new software the areas to be targeted for lesions inside the heart much clearer jumping out at the ablation surgeon - allowing experienced surgeons to perform more efficientl ablation more quickly. This is critical to the thesis of PURE EP eventually becoming standard of care and perhaps eventually partnered with major Med Tech companies like Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Phillips, JNJ or Abbot Laboratories and perhaps even some day being built inside the next version of CARTO or other mapping systems kind of like Intel Inside a PC.  This year I believe more commercialization's and data will come to the point where the large med device companies that have been talking to BSGM for years may finally move to partner. 
Key to this thesis is proof that if you use PURE EP with the new software, you can perform the ablation more efficiently, with more efficacy and time savings. Why this is important is :
1) It would reduce the number of "Re-do's" for almost half of the ablations now done without PURE EP because of lack of enhanced signals to target the the proper location of ablation lesions burnt inside the heart. 
2)  Ablation is one of the highest profit margin procedures in the Hospital (Have seen figures last year of patient cost over $50k and cost estimated at $20k for efficient EP labs).  And EP Market is Huge and growing with the aging population and apps and Apple Watch and other things allowing easier discovery of cardiac arrhythmias earlier than before:
 "Market opportunities: According to Health Research International, it is estimated that there are 8,163 global EP lab rooms (with an estimated 3,500 in the U.S.) performing catheter ablations. The rapidly growing EP market is projected to reach $16 billion by 2028 (+11.2% annual growth rate). However, challenges exist: BioSig operates in a highly competitive environment."
3)  The PURE (Precise Uninterrupted Real-time evaluation of Electrograms) EP (Electrophysiology) System allows for more precise targeting of the lesions that solve AFib.  As today's report cites - the top hospitals in the space are fully behind this now: 
" 3,000 procedures and growing: To date, more than 3,000 patient procedures have been conducted with the PURE EP System by more than 80 electrophysiologists across 21 different clinical sites in the U.S. The PURE EP System is currently in national commercial launch in the U.S. at healthcare systems such as Mayo Clinic, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute, Cleveland Clinic, and Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute. Market opportunities: According to Health Research"
 What is amazing about these institutions is they include the two best Cardiology and Heart Surgery hospitals in the Country (See link below #1 Cardiology and Heart Surgery Hospital is Cleveland Clinic and # 2 is Mayo Clinic). Also interesting is Mayo is definitely the best hospital in the US and maybe the world for years but now Cleveland Clinic is listed as the #2 overall hospital in the US
1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
2. Cleveland Clinic

Top Five Hospitals in Select Specialties

  1. Cleveland Clinic
  2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
 Cleveland Clinic has been voted best cardiology hospital many years in a row the now testing multiple PURE EP units, asking for more after testing the first and per the receive press releases:
  • Cleveland Clinic, a leading Medical Center of Excellence, agreed to evaluate the PURE EP System, and a short time later requested a second system for evaluation.
  • A Master Research Agreement was signed with the Cleveland Clinic to explore expanded applications for its digital signal processing technology.

More in Press Release: 
So BioSig is supported by the two best Cardiology and Heart Surgery hospitals in the Country - who happen also to be ranked 1 Mayo 2 Cleveland Clinic as the Top overall hospitals in the country. And In addition, BioSig has sold machines to the 2 top ablation centers in the NYSE $70 billion HCA network with two of the top Ablation Surgeons in the World, Dr Natale at Texas Cardiac Arrythmia Center and Dr. Lakkireddy of KC HR both of the HCA network now spreading the word about the new software versions
HCA Healthcare is dedicated to giving people a healthier tomorrow. As one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, HCA Healthcare is comprised of 182 hospitals and 2,300+ sites of care in 20 states and the United Kingdom.
Every day, more than 283,000 colleagues go to work with a collective focus: our patients. Our focus positively impacts the care experience at the bedside and beyond.
n 2021, we spent $3.3 billion on capital investment in land, buildings and equipment. In addition, HCA Healthcare pays significant taxes that help revitalize communities.
Cleveland Clinic, TCAI, Mayo, Kansas City all are helping BioSig with studies and trials proving time savings, better signals, with real patient examples. The late breaker abstracts are do this month for the Q2 Mid-May (abstract April) HRS in New Orleans and I have to believe some of these studies are done as Bellin was the PURE EP sale that cited cost savings as one of the reasons for purchase. If true more will follow hence the recent comment in BSGM press release:
 o The Company has built a robust pipeline of commercial sale prospects and expects multiple closings in first half of 2023
 Now at the perfect time we get an experienced, deal making, growth-oriented CFO responsible for a $4 billion tech merger (grew to $11 billion) who bought stock in recent deal and likely has hundreds of investors following him after he made them a lot of money in the Qorvo venture not to mention Qorvo contacts as well:
 Steve Buhaly is a long-tenured finance and technology executive who joined Qorvo (formerly TriQuint Semiconductor) as CFO in 2007, near the time when Apple began utilizing TriQuint chips in the iPhone. TriQuint became Qorvo in 2015 in a $4 billion combination with RF Micro Devices. During Mr. Buhaly’s tenure, Qorvo grew into an $11 billion market capitalization company and a world leader in innovative and high-performance radiofrequency (RF) solutions.
I have been to a couple of HRS meetings, and many Roth and other BSGM health care presentations and their HQs in Conn and have never met the CFO. He was S E C expert and not investor facing. This new CFO can represent the company, attend and present at healthcare conferences, and likely after a ramp in sales close partnerships and eventually the sale of the company a few years from now IMO. Massive CFO upgrade. The new CFO, Zach, Gray and Advisory Board members will soon be able to put together a cost benefit analysis I believe that PURE EP acquisition will allow more efficient and additional ablations per year that will pay for the acquisition cost - but generate a nice ROI over time. If Cleveland Clinic buys machines this half, and data supports - this is what will drive wider adoption. 2023 could be the year. We already have some early support:
Add in that a Viralclear shell partner could still come - Viralclear shareholders should be getting an update this half of 2023 - which would all be upside as longs and shorts have basically written it off. This is not needed for stock appreciation, but not dead.
So, in summary, after many many missteps and underperformance, this may be the year the new team, software, data and commercial sales start moving this company closer to wide adoption and monetization of the over 50 patents in cardiac, AI and other areas imo. I added a lot in Q4. It’s had quite a run since and could pull back (which I will be looking to buy) but I think there will be a lot more news and stock catalysts in 2023. Do your own due diligence. 

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