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Call / Text Message

I just received a call from a number in California. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers, but I then received a text message from the number. The text message is below and I was wondering if anyone else had received it or if it's just some scam? I won't be responding, but I'm wondering who would know my phone number AND that I own Biosig shares other than my broker? Is Biosig even presenting at Milken, I checked and didn't see a Biosig speaker.

Good afternoon, xxxx. My name is Sean Paul and Iím in the investor relations department of BSGM- Biosig Technologies, Inc., a company youíre invested in. Weíre reaching out to all investors to update everyone on the Milken Global Conference weíve been presenting at through May 3rd. There are 3500 attendees invited at $50k per person and itís sold out, so itís been an incredible audience for us to be in front of. Please know you can call me anytime for questions or updates at my direct number. You can also browse the website at for more information. Enjoy your week xxxx!

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