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Bsgm summary

Yes, BSGM pivoted as most medical device companies do and now can do more efficient, more effective, and much faster ablations with even less experienced ablation surgeons. Understand this changes the cost benefit forever. The EP Lab is the highest growth department in hospitals per HCA. Ablation is the highest margin operation in the hospital. There is now evidence - human data - from the number 1 Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology Hospital in the US (per USNWR 10 consecutive years) - coming from the 6-month-old Master Research Agreement signed in October with The Cleveland Clinic. This is indeed real data showing that if you now acquire a PURE EP machine it pays for itself in the first month if you lease. Over the life of the machine, you should be able to do twice as many ablations or more in the same time frame, generating millions of gross profit. This was physician sponsored trial. By the top Cardiac Hospital in the US. And the Number 2 overall hospital. The Abbot Team and the new advisory board members have changed everything and now will be armed with a cost benefit analysis that easily gets this over the bar not just with the ablation surgeons (who all want PURE EP now) but most importantly with the purchasing managers.

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