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BioSig's PURE EP™ Platform Debuts New Automated Features in First Patient Cases

Latest Software Release Supports Electrophysiologists with Visualizing Heart Patterns Difficult to Recognize with the Naked Eye

Westport, CT, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioSig Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSGM) (“BioSig” or the “Company”), a medical technology company delivering unprecedented accuracy and precision to intracardiac signal visualization, announced today the release of new software features for the PURE EP™ Platform. The novel software features were successfully leveraged for the first time during patient cases conducted at the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute (“KCHRI”).

Building on the FDA-cleared platform's proprietary combination of advanced hardware and software, PURE EP™'s latest software debuts two new features designed to harness the power of automation, empowering electrophysiologists to identify subtle details in cardiac arrhythmias that are difficult to observe with the naked eye. The new features include:

Near-Field Tracking (NFT) automatically monitors changes in the local unipolar electrogram to provide real-time tissue feedback and characterization; helpful information for electrophysiologists as they make their final determinations between healthy and scarred tissue for lesion placement.

Automatic Tachycardia Characterization (ATC) now alerts electrophysiologists in real-time to subtle changes in tachycardia conduction patterns, complementing its existing capability to monitor tachycardia rate changes that may warrant further evaluation.

“With these new features, we enhance PURE EP™’s existing capabilities, providing electrophysiologists with pure, unadulterated cardiac signals in real time,” said Zachary Koch, Principal Advisor of Product Development at BioSig. “These latest features demonstrate our commitment to provide full-spectrum visibility and data analysis of intracardiac signals to enhance clinical decision-making.”

The latest software upgrade builds on existing foundation of PURE EP™ proprietary features which include:

PURE ZONE™ visibility of intracardiac signals at high frequency and low amplitude, which provides valuable information for electrophysiologists on heart tissue characterization and localization.

High Frequency Algorithm (HFA) automatically detects and eliminates radiofrequency interference (signal components >200 hertz), directing electrophysiologists’ focus on what truly matters—vital intracardiac signals.

TRUSOURCE™ Analysis & Report for real-time detailed case insights.

Research initiated and led by Cleveland Clinic's world-class physician faculty was presented at this year’s Heart Rhythm Society meeting. The findings validate PURE EP™’s ability to deliver clear, stable, trusted unipolar signals, suggesting the potential of an optimized radiofrequency technique to treat arrhythmias. The physician-initiated data revealed a 66% reduction in procedure time while maintaining accuracy, and enhancing precision.1,2,3

Given the mean cost of operating room time is approximately $37 per minute, PURE EP™ demonstrated potential cost savings of approximately $418.10 per procedure, per data presented at the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Session in 2022.4 Considering electrophysiologists conduct an estimated 75,000 ablations annually in the U.S.,5 PURE EP™, by extension, presents potential healthcare cost savings of over $30 million a year.

“PURE EP™’s capabilities have already been instrumental in improving our workflows,” said Dhanunjaya “DJ” Lakkireddy, M.D., Executive Medical Director at the KCHRI. “The incorporation of advanced features with PURE EP™ uphold our commitment to quality patient care while also introducing a higher level of automation, unlocking time efficiencies and more effective utilization of resources in laboratory procedures.”

With this latest software update, and the use of the NFT feature, additional reimbursement options are applicable when associated services are medically necessary. For more information on how PURE EP™ can enhance arrhythmia identification and laboratory workflows, visit

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