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Re: Questions to be answered

 " I keep thinking that the price will rally as soon as the bioavailability study is published."
I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have to stop thinking that way. We may get a pop, but stock will just dribble down from that again because shorts will short more and some people will play the 'sell on a rip' game with their trading shares.  
What will get this stock to a higher long term base is realization of revenues that are significant. A consistent way to model tolling throughput on existing machines. 
Ric "keeps checking every day to see if the study is published", when a better use of time would be to answer the questions a few of us have posited in the past week related to revenue modeling and production throughout. Those are questions that legit analysts would be asking. Until that is done, getting pr here and there about this signing or that signing doesn't have staying power in a lousy economic and market environment that is projected to worsen and not get better as the year progresses. 
PBIO could be a 'safer haven' for investors disenchanted with much of the market, but we're not getting that kind of info from Ric in order for them to decide this little non-Naz/NYSE stock is worth the risk right now.  I have no doubt that there are many on this board who could do even more buying if the modeling risk were reduced.
That is where we are.  

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