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Re: Pardon my Politics - mostly off topic

Aldy, the Afghanistan withdrawal is an excellent example of a country that doesnt sing from the same fact hymn book.

Trump was pressuring Mark Esper for a full and immediate withdrawal prior to Bidens inauguration because he wanted to take credit for disengagement.

Two days after Esper was fired, Patel slid a piece of paper across the desk to Milley during a meeting with him and Miller. It was an order, with Trumps trademark signature in black Sharpie, decreeing that all four thousand five hundred remaining troops in Afghanistan be withdrawn by January 15th, and that a contingent of fewer than a thousand troops on a counterterrorism mission in Somalia be pulled out by December 31st.

Did you advise the President to do this? he asked Patel, who said no.

Did you advise the President to do this? he asked Miller, who said no.

Well, then, who advised the President to do it? Milley asked. By law, Im the Presidents adviser on military action. How does this happen without me rendering my military opinion and advice?

With that, he announced that he was putting on his dress uniform and going to the White House, where Milley and the others ended up in the office of the national-security adviser, Robert OBrien.

Where did this come from? Milley demanded, putting the withdrawal order on OBriens desk.

I dont know. Ive never seen that before, OBrien said. It doesnt look like a White House memo.

Keith Kellogg, a retired general serving as Pences national-security adviser, asked to see the document. This is not the President, he said. The formats not right. This is not done right.

Keith, youve got to be kidding me, Milley said. Youre telling me that someones forging the President of the United States signature?

The order, it turned out, was not fake. It was the work of a rogue operation inside Trumps White House overseen by Johnny McEntee, Trumps thirty-year-old personnel chief, and supported by the President himself. The order had been drafted by Douglas Macgregor, a retired colonel and a Trump favorite from his television appearances, working with a junior McEntee aide. The order was then brought to the President, bypassing the national-security apparatus and Trumps own senior officials, to get him to sign it.

Macgregor often appeared on Fox News demanding an exit from Afghanistan and accused Trumps advisers of blocking the President from doing what he wanted. He needs to send everyone out of the Oval Office who keeps telling him, If you do that and something bad happens, its going to be blamed on you, Mr. President, Macgregor had told Tucker Carlson in January. He needs to say, I dont give a damn.

On the day that Esper was fired, McEntee had invited Macgregor to his office, offered him a job as the new acting Defense Secretarys senior adviser, and handed him a handwritten list of four priorities that, as Axios reported, McEntee claimed had come directly from Trump:

1. Get us out of Afghanistan.
2. Get us out of Iraq and Syria.
3. Complete the withdrawal from Germany.
4. Get us out of Africa.

Once the Afghanistan order was discovered, Trumps advisers persuaded the President to back off, reminding him that he had already approved a plan for leaving over the following few months. Why do we need a new plan? Pompeo asked. Trump relented, and OBrien then told the rest of the rattled national-security leadership that the order was null and void.

You cant make this crazy Trump White House stuff up. Fact is the Trump White House wanted an even faster, more disorganized exit from Afghanistan. Now the party line is to reverse and say it was Bidens withdrawal order? The withdrawal was almost complete by his inauguration.

Tonight we watched a few minutes of the opposing puppet news broadcasts - MSNBC and FOX on the FBI search warrant executed on Mar A Lago. MSNBC - finally the Justice Department has stopped ignoring the grievous illegality of actions by Trump and his administration. FOX - this is an attack on all Americans by a deep state apparatus that will stop at nothing to silence reformers. Trump did nothing wrong or worthy of prosecution party line it is all a political witch hunt. Hard to believe they are talking about the same story!

The overwhelming majority of Americans wanted out of Afghanistan except for lost cause military families who felt, understandably, that the many heroic personal sacrifices made by Americans in Afghanistan would be diminished. Was the post-911 removal of the Taliban a justified action? I dont know, there are strategic cleavages with militant jihadist Muslim factions, the Russians, the opium trade, Iran, and how to deal with the country bedevilled Washington all way back to the Russian invasion in 1979. The country is a graveyard of military misadventure from the time of Alexander the Great.

But whatever our judgement it is a fact Trump wanted to withdraw even faster and was talked into a slower approach by his military advisors (barely!).


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