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Re: Pardon my Politics - mostly off topic "fruity"

I listened to an interview of the famous former Nixon counsel John Dean about the search warrant nonsense and hysterical pronouncements of Trump loyalists.

He agrees with you JB - the scofflaw Trump is no chance target of witch hunts - he is a serial law breaker in his private business, in the running of the White House, in his dealings with the election, foreign governments etc.,. What are law enforcement authorities supposed to do? Look the other way? Trump was holding records that belong not to him but to the American people, some of which are national security secrets. When they couldnt negotiate to get them back, they did what any of us would do if we knew somebody was illegally holding our property, they got a Court Order (in this case a search warrant) to go retrieve them. Beyond that who knows if they even have a further goal or now will just drop the matter. All of the wild speculation is baseless until we learn the facts.

There are liberal conspiracy theories too - like say because the Russians now cant funnel money to a Trump campaign through faked internet donations, Donny had turned to the Saudis and perhaps offered up some classified intelligence for purchase. In which case maybe the source was the target of the search and the former President would be in very hot water. Which meshes with Garlands challenge to reveal the grounds of the search, calling Trumps bluff on his allegation the Justice Department and FBI had no business doing what they did. Wait and see, my own feeling is when trying to understand the real motives of Donald Trump, improvement of his own bank balance is as good a default motive as any.

It is a mystery to me why those that lean right or embrace some or all of the GOPs political platform are continuing to so affectionately embrace Trump as the man to lead them. Surely there are better choices out there than such a sketchy character. Okay, I know the trailer park is as split as the American electorate, including the gulf in understanding each others politics. Mea culpa for throwing a match towards gasoline - it has been a pretty boring summer on here!

Soooo remember we have some pressure being applied by ETG through the arbitration commenced in May. In wondering about why drill on the JV now, and they are drilling elsewhere, including some RC holes elsewhere on the property, maybe the arbitration has pressured some joint venture cooperation. Reading the last paragraph of the corporate update the highlighted last words are important - we still hold the JV licences 100% and the Earn-in of OTLLCs 80% depends on our partners following the terms of our agreement. I like no net erosion of value to ETG as in no 34% haircut of our retained interests - we are already contributing 80%

With the commencement of the Lift 1 Panel 0 undercut, Turquoise Hill's renewed partnership with the Government of Mongolia and execution of a comprehensive funding plan for the world class Oyu Tolgoi underground mine, Entre's primary objective for the 2022 year is to confirm the transfer of the Shivee Tolgoi and Javhlant mining licences to OTLLC as manager of the Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JV, either in conjunction with finalization and execution of amendments to the Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JVA, or enforcement of certain provisions of the Earn-in Agreement and Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JVA pursuant to binding arbitration proceedings. The parties have been operating under the terms of the Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JVA since OTLLC completed its earn-in obligations on the Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JV Property in 2008. The form of Entre/Oyu Tolgoi JVA was agreed between the parties in 2004, prior to the execution of the 2009 Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement among the Government of Mongolia, OTLLC, Rio Tinto and Turquoise Hill and commencement of underground development. The Company currently is registered in Mongolia as the 100% ultimate holder of the Shivee Tolgoi and Javhlant mining licences.

The Company believes that amendments that align the interests of all stakeholders as they are now understood, would be in the best interests of all stakeholders, provided there is no net erosion of value to Entre. No agreements have been finalized and there are no assurances agreements may be finalized in the future.

No net erosion sounds right to me.

As for the SP capitulation across metals and miners, but note that this big legislative package squeaked through by the Dems will be yet another new energy stimulus that should boost metals demands, especially copper.

Patience, patience, all will be revealed in time.


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