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Msg  17482 of 18116  at  3/23/2023 1:42:34 PM  by


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Surely it is just the usual prolonged negotiation about money.

Yes, every piece of land is unique, but with a big payoff the Apaches can go buy massive acreage plus do all kinds of good for their people. Sounds like the expediency of copper independence for Uncle Sam will carry the day.

Donít believe Putin or Xi would care to listen to Apache protests for more than a NY minute, then off to the gulag if you donít ďstifleĒ as Archie used to tell Edith.

Gill, agreed, there is a market feel of exhaustion at the bottom, the despondent have left, floats have all been tightened up, I listen to what Rick Rule, Eric Sprott have had to say to punters over the years. In part they blow their own horns and fluff their own books, but there is also a bit of sincere feeling that they want others to have have some of the success they did. They both beat the drum repeatedly - the money is made when the market is dull, the sector is spurned by Main Street and big retail. Accumulate quality projects as supply of the target metals tighten. I canít see how, provided we can weather delays in the global economy regaining greater stability, you can lose buying gold, copper, silver, nickel, lead, zinc over the long run from here. Provided you are picking properties with a clear pathway to development and sound management.

When it goes, and the broad market cottons on Ö the precedents are crazy bull runs in the juniors that made people like Sprott and Rule immensely wealthy, but also manias like, crypto, weed stocks. In early? Almost unimaginable outcomes possible.



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