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The "D" in ADK.V = diversification

Diagnos is most well known for its succesful data mining technique for natural resources. Which in of itself is diversification because that encompasses oil & gas, plus precious metals, plus things like uranium and other minerals.

But it gets even better. Because Diagnos is playing in many other fields. See below.
What this means for investors is safety becasue Diagnos has potential revenue from a wide spectrum of sources.

DIAGNOS signs agreement with Optosecurity for baggage claim threat application

DIAGNOS and its partner Cairnalys deliver advanced emailing analytics for eBay

Miraculins will use DIAGNOS' Artificial Intelligence for biomarkers discovery in prostate cancer test

The Artificial Intelligence of DIAGNOS to the service of Phincorp Capital Markets for the management of assets and the sale of signals in the foreign exchange market

"...Hitlab created the DHS (Dynamic Hit Scoring) which uses artificial intelligence to predict the hit potential of a new song. The DHS originated from Diagnos, a company who develops and markets knowledge extraction solutions.

By comparing this new song to a massive database of chart-topping singles called the Music DataBase. Where every genre is represented: pop, country, hip-hop, rock, etc.

The database is updated constantly with new releases. Where a song lives in the universe (i.e. where it's positioned in the database's grid) is determined by patterns in its melody, harmony, chord progression, rhythm, beat, pitch and so on. Songs with similar patterns are close to each other and form groups; songs that are vastly different end up far apart...."

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