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Markets/Pharma Mixed; Close -$0.01, $0.76, 120k; 98k Germany; 17k US; Trouble

Mr. House positions:
Re your comment: "Chart-wise, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel... Buy-out-wise, why are there no offers?"
I hear you and agree with both of your points. On the TA, The Chart Side, I've personally gone to bat for shareholders multiple times. Dr. T doesn't care and CB VP says TA is all voodoo. He doesn't believe in it.
Despite best efforts from myself and numerous shareholders, Dr. T is oblivious to the share price dilemma and doesn't care. Further, he's unable to understand that it is he who has put all shareholders badly in the tank.
His persistent delays, his avoiding news releasing material information, his inability to promote and publicize Sernova [despite some 61 visits] AND the terrible Bought Deal Financing with Canaccord & Leede have all contributed to the fall from grace of Sernova's share price. He has any number of half truth excuses to explain away his intransigence. Sernova needs a change and very soon at the top.
Summary: Markets/Pharma Mixed; Close -$0.01, $0.76, 120k; 98k Germany; 17k US; Trouble!! "!5:59:59" trading is back again; 500 shares from 001 selling to 079!
In addition, CB VP, with his investment background, has been a Big Disappointment. Feedback from some prominent, large position shareholders say he's handled investors badly. Despite his background, he's shown a lack of ability to get New Money to buy an interest in Sernova. That speaks volumes to how poorly Sernova is viewed by the investment community.
On the Pharmaceutical side, other than the convoluted Evotec Deal, Dr. T has monetized nothing for shareholders save a very depressed share price.
Sernova, with supposedly World First and World Class pharmaceutical goods, and despite the myriad of Buy, Bye's recently [see below for yet another one], suggests that Dr. T is the vehicle that is causing the sandbagging of the share price and any interest in a Buy, Bye [because of how he's been doing business].
Some have already posted that Dr. T has delayed Thyroid. This is the easiest trial to do [no immunosuppression] and which should give SVA easily a U$1 billion [C$4/share] market cap. "The Pouch" being part of a "Process" ensures the trial will work [as it already works in lab rats] and may be monetized immediately!
We also know of Dr. T fumbling Orphan Status [which can be monetized immediately], hiding "CC" [also monetizable quickly], FDA trial results and his hiding behind any number of NDA's for collaborations he negotiated. Why would he do that? The single answer that comes to my mind is he's trying to stay CEO as long as possible. He no longer seems to have any real interest to create shareholder value like he did and told me so before the FDA trial started.
We wait for developments for this moribund company that has so much, but no ability to market anything.

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Subject: Chart-wise, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel...

Buy-out-wise, why are there no offers?
Weak so far: