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Money Pro

A Very New John Fredriksen Stock Board


Ladies and Gentlemen:


Our good friend ICE and myself have had many off line discussions about having one IV Board for John Fredriksen and the various stocks he operates and now is the time to make it happen.   With the cooperation of Blue, we have prevailed and there will be a new board known as:  (The) John Fredriksen Companies.  There will not be a ticker symbol …………     To reach this board, just type in “John Fredriksen.”


From this board, we can all read, post and exchange ideas for all of the JF companies.  It is our feeling that it will stop lots of duplication and also become one of the most active IV boards.  For me, I will not need to read 6 or 7 boards any longer………just the one……!   We will be inviting all the readers and posters of all the various boards to join the new one, as well as people from non-IV boards, not only in the US & Norway, but also around the world.  As always, IV rules will govern.


We are trying to link this board with both each individual board for your convenience and also the website of each stock, as well as have available pertinent stock related quotes, i.e., PPS, Highs, Lows and Volume.  All 20 (give or take) of the JF companies will be able to participate.  There will also be a section for JF stocks only traded in Oslo, Norway although not at the start of this board.


If anybody has any ideas of how to make this more work better or become more useful, please post your ideas on this new board, or the SDRL board, or PM me, Ice or Blue.


Lets have fun, always be informed and make some money by following the best CEO in the world, John Fredriksen and of course his trusted associates.  It is our intention to inform them of this unique opportunity.


Ken (Money Pro)

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