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 In response to msg 2327 by  nipper_dog99
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Re: Competitors growing pains

Nip, you are clueless with statements like this:

" not sure if it is lack of batteries... if that was the case, others would be having issues too... there is just a handful of suppliers...

Tesla recognized a capacity issue from battery makers as well as a material shortage years ago. In part that is why JB Straubel left Tesla and started Red Wood Materials
(Battery recycling) near Tesla's plant in Nevada. Tesla also recognized a probable materials issue so they started tying up long-term contracts several years ago. Try to keep up Nip! You are as far behind as the incumbents!

Tesla went on to acquire Maxwell Technologies (Dry Battery Electrodes). They redesigned the battery structure and are currently manufacturing their own batteries. Ford recently adopted Tesla 4680 structure and will be doing that with a supplier in the recently announced Detroit plant. Ford will pay the markup for the suppliers' profit. Tesla will also for the batteries they buy from suppliers but, won't for the batteries they manufacture internally. Tesla has been doing R&D on battery chemistry for several years now. They have had their own R&D team for batteries in Canada for quite a few years now. I believe they renewed that R&D contract for five additional years a year or two ago.

Tesla also recognized potential issues with refining the battery material and is in the process of putting up their own refining plant in Texas.

To me, it has been clear for some time that several people on this board can't keep up, but they are here to create FUD. Why else would you use names like highvoltage, Nipper dog etc. They are like a pup that wants to nip at your feet. Their only problem is they don't know much about Tesla or the industry! They are here to create FUD and certainly don't mind being a fool!

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