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Re: Why Tesla Shares Plunged After Earnings-from the NEWS tab

On February 17, 2023 this was the last line of my post"

""""""To me, it has been clear for some time that several people on this board can't keep up, but they are here to create FUD. Why else would you use names like highvoltage, Nipper dog etc. They are like a pup that wants to nip at your feet. Their only problem is they don't know much about Tesla or the industry! They are here to create FUD and certainly don't mind being a fool!""""

I find it curious that nipper, high voltage and the creators of FUD did not post from Feb 17, until late April 2023. Odd, isn't it that the creators of FUD ALL VANISHED SIMULTANEOUSLY???? What are the odds of several FUD creators vanishing for about 60 days simultaneously??? Could Nipper be using several different identifications? Are they one in the same?

Don't be fooled by a positive post or two. He/she/they are just trying to gain some lost credibility.

For instance let's ask Nipper a question to see just how credible he is: He claims that Tesla has competition. OK, interesting claim, right? Let's see just how real that competition is. In Q1 2023 Tesla produced 440,808 vehicles. They delivered 422,875 to customers. Tesla's Gross Margins were 19.3% in Q1 2023 after the price cuts, which were down from Q1 2023 of 29.1% . OK Nipper, please post the numbers of EVs manufactured and delivered along with the Gross margins of Tesla's nearest competitor that you refer to. Just the nearest competitor will do. No need for lesser competitors, just the closest!

Also keep in mind the Model Y is now the best selling vehicle in the US and Europe. Not the best selling EV, but the best selling vehicle.

Let's take a look at the rest of his deep knowledge:

""""all other EV makers are losing money on their offerings for now..."""" for now? post the gross margins of Tesla's closest competitor in Q1 2023? That's a challenge Nip. Back up your statement!

""""at some point Tesla will have to increase pricing as raw materials will continue to get more expensive...""""""

Elon would take issue with Nippper's profound statement since the price of Lithium and Nickel have declined. "At some point", WOW! how profound Nip! Sounds more like a stopped watch to me!!!!

Nipper must be a Technical chart guru, a big buy at $145.

If you post the numbers of Tesla's closest competitors in Q1 2023 along with their gross margins it will be painfully obvious what Tesla's real competition is! Are you up for the challenge Nip?

I will give you what I expect and why. Just as homes are very sensitive to interest rates, so too are vehicles. Why, because for most people, it is their second largest purchase, and they are financed, so as interest rates increase, it increases the monthly payments. That is for all vehicles ICE or EV. It is likely in my view that we have to work our way through this Economic downturn. I won't be even a little bit surprised if Tesla along with the majority of equities see lower prices, some substantially lower. If that occurs, I will be adding in increments, knowing I can't predict tops or bottoms.

I won't be holding my breath for Nip to post the quarterly results of Tesla's nearest competitors that he references, but maybe he will suddenly vanish for another 60 days. Back up your statements NIp and perhaps you will gain some credibility. Your forever super vague comments without numbers to back it up are nonsense, pure nonsense.

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