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Msg  2393 of 2408  at  9/11/2023 8:02:38 AM  by


Didn't want to, but I did

 I bought Isaacson's autobiography of Musk the other day. Ordered it, of course via Amazon. Should be arriving Tuesday.
I preordered Isaacson's book on Jobs upon its publication. Big Jobs fan, knew nothing of Isaacson except for the huge PR push prior to its release. Damn, he must be good, I thought.
Boy, was I disappointed in the Jobs book. VERY little new info (I kept up with Steve) and, maybe because they rushed the release upon Jobs' death, it was riddled with duplicative info, typos and just bad writing. I excused it as a fault of poor editing. I was amazed that it reached such a high caliber of positive pre-press.
And, like Jobs (who himself had a LOT of personal failings), I'm a fan-boy of Elon's. F*ck, I wish he had a different level of self-awareness and maybe he wouldn't make himself such lightning bolt, but the man has talent and I'm still in line with where he's trying to take things.
Twitter (X)? I don't care. It's a fool and his money. One thing I have learned in the excerpts from the book is that it was only after buying Twitter that he uncovered one of its most valuable assets to monetize and that was its data feed. He didn't realize going into it what a great resource twitter feeds would wind up being for his ultimate goal.
So, I'm looking forward to getting the book. I DID NOT KNOW HE HAS 11 KIDS!! Jesus H Christ, Elon! I know you have complained about a slowing population growth will make it easier for compute power to exceed human brain power even quicker but geeze, man, you can slow down. 

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