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Re: simpletons

 Sorry, you left out the other 8 items from Deadwood's post. Let me start with the first two (ALL of 10 "near term" catalysts turned out to be shit. Ten of ten miss ratio for Deadwood). Perfect record!
Potential near term catalysts
1. Percigen event-Jan 7-Pipe line of cancer products which is worth more than the value of the whole company
Close, but we have to say that "the cancer products are now the only value left, everything else is dead and long gone".
2. Xogenex-near(maybe next week)-initial results from heart trial  
 INXN-4001 had a heart attack and has been kaput for many years now.
3. Energy deal-any day- to build first plant
Never happened.
4. Botticelli deal-any day-collaboration with a leading marijuana grower to use Botticelli to standardize their product-lettuce also possible
Never happened: we all know what happened to those MJ smokers.
5. Apples-1H2019-determine the premium for which slices sell. Upside or at least confirmation of $500 million sales and $200 million EBITDA in 2026. Worth more than current value of company
Holy smokes! What exactly was he smoking!
6. Collaboration/partner announced in Crop Protection
Died like a plant w/o watering...
7. Positive results from tests of second generation mosquito and contracts later in year.
8. Swine used in clinical trials and organ transplants
The only swine I see here is Red.
9.Partner to produce marijuana molecules with yeast
10. 10's of other opportunities which could literally jump out at us. 
Tens of opportunities? Phucking idiot! 

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