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From ir

Good afternoon Greg,

Sangamo is a viable company based on our strong science and clinical data we have on hand. The company is continuously evaluating ways to extend our cash runway in order to bring us closer to future catalysts. We are in the fortunate position where we have several strategic options to consider.

A few key points regarding the recent announcement:
- Biogen and Novartis made their decisions on their collaboration agreements with Sangamo independently, and their decisions to terminate partnerships were based on strategic prioritization of their R&D programs, and not a result of the science.
- Sangamo is now able to make decisions on how these programs move forward, whether we take them on ourselves or partner with other companies.
- There is no impact to operating expense guidance or cash runway as a result of these collaborations ending.
- Sangamo has an incredibly promising clinical pipeline (Fabry, Hem A, Sickle Cell), as well as a number of promising pre-clinical assets.

Thank you for your support of Sangamo.

Kind regards,

Caileigh Dougherty
Director, Investor Relations
628.229.5312 direct
203.912.3306 cell

7000 Marina Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005

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