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Re: VAALCO Energy Announces.....Lastone....

.... My post heart transplant medical caretakers here in Birmingham, AL don't seem to be in a rush to do anything about it but they wouldn't even know about it if I hadn't traveled out of state to NYU Langone in NYC to have a right and left heart catheterization angiogram done. They found the 60 % occlusion in my left main coronary (feeds the entire heart) which still allows blood to flow to my heart but I would have stronger heart action if it was stented to open the flow (I am in a bit of heart failure as it is). They also discovered somewhat high pressures on my right heart which they gave me a diuretic for which helped me breath easier immediately. NYU didn't do the PCI/stent procedure at the time because my kidneys need to be protected from the dye they use in the angiogram and they wanted me to wait to give my kidneys a chance to get over the insult before giving me more dye needed during the procedure.
So I went back home to Alabama planning to return later for the procedure if I couldn't get it done back home. Alabama said it probably wouldn't close off and kill me so they weren't feeling any urgency or inclination to deal with my problem. (You know they have sicker younger patients that they care more about than a 74 year old man like me.) I asked if fixing it would make me feel stronger and they said sure. I said that is what I care about as much as not dying from a sudden MI thank you!
So, I am seeing a different cardiology group here next week so I don't have to travel back to NYU to get competent help. I could buy 1000 shares of TGA with what it costs to fly to NYC, pay for a hotel and buy a decent dinner at a Manhattan restaurant for my wife and me! NYU Langone is definitely the best, I must say. They really have it together and treat you great! 

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