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It gets better and better

Google Frank Biden & BioSig. Read the CNN report!
Classic sketchy Londoner- BSGM
“But the relationship between Frank Biden and the Connecticut-based BioSig is murky, with both parties giving shifting statements when asked about it.”
“A spokesman for BioSig initially told CNN the company wanted to learn about a federal research program pushed by President Biden and retained the law firm where Frank Biden works as a non-attorney adviser. Two days later, the spokesman, Andrew Ballou, said he’d been misinformed and that BioSig had never retained the firm. Ballou also denied Frank Biden’s assertion that BioSig’s CEO had paid for his trip to "
“Frank Biden, for his part, at first told CNN he had consulted for BioSig for about a year. He then reversed himself, saying he had never worked as a consultant for the company. He later clarified in a text message that he had provided BioSig informal sales assistance. As for his Italian travel, Frank Biden said in another text message, “someone” paid for it, though he did not say who.”
No doubt Biden was on the receiving end of those free BSGM shares that were unauthorized and not approved by the Board that recently came to light in the recent SEC 10K.

The House committees investigating the Biden family and their many sources of income trading on the family name will certainly be looking into the BSGM relationship. I’m sure that will be illuminating to all. After all, Biden has no background or experience in medical devices ( like Hunter had no energy background ) yet here he is getting paid by BSGM, trips paid to Italy and if I’m not mistaken RobCos was on these very IV boards bragging how Biden attended a BSGM dinner in Florida some time back.

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