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Historian being historian- lol

I have been seeing a lot of items show up in trending news articles when I open up my searches. Two areas that grab my eyes are with regards to CRISPR and gene therapy. I know almost nothing about CRISPR and only a bit more about gene therapy other than Insmed being involved heavily. Below is a list of bulletin points taken from a News Release by Insmed that came out on May 8th. This was in conjunction to a large presentation given by Insmed that same day. It might be worth a look by any newcomers here to the board since then. I must admit I personally don’t recall a lot of this information due to my wife recovering from a fractured bone in her ankle.

One of the following bulletin points caught my interest in that it might be of help with a current set of questions this board is discussing— and that is the issue of the $500,000 Equity Investment from CureDuchenne Ventures. Does anyone know if this money was received already by Insmed? If so, was it recorded in the Q2 financial report?

Thanks. H

Early-Stage Research Pillar Anticipated to Generate at Least Six Investigational New Drug (IND) Applications by End of 2025—

—Company Reveals Select Initial Disease Targets for Next-Generation Gene Therapies and Deimmunized Therapeutic Proteins, Including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Stargardt Disease—

—Gene Therapy Clinical Trial in DMD to be Initiated in 2023, with Data Expected First Half of 2024—

—Company Announces $500,000 Equity Investment from CureDuchenne Ventures to Support the Development of a Targeted Gene Therapy for DMD—

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