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The following message was updated on 7/12/2010 7:05:47 PM.

Investment Opportunity for Junior Gold Miner Investors

Hello AAUK Board Members -

I am looking for some critical thinking and comments upon a junior gold miner in which I am invested. If you have an interest in the topic, please read the below post which I posted on the Goldgroup Mining, Inc. (GGA.TO) message board a few hours ago.

Fellow Investors -


For some inexplicable reason, Goldgroup Mining Inc.'s announcement of the sale of its Porvenir mine was not a catalyst to drive the share price higher today.  In fact, the share price fell by .03 cents (4.62%) on volume of 1.896mm shares.


While market behavior is rarely logical or rational, Goldgroup Mining's market capitalization has now reached the truly absurd. Consider the following:


Goldgroup Mining, Inc. - Valuation

Shares Outstanding




$               0.62

Closing price on July 12, 2010.

Market Capitalization



Porvenir Sales Proceeds USD


$    0.2743

Porvenir Sales Proceeds CAD


$    0.2650

Net Asset Value


$    0.3550

Goldgroup Principal Mining Assets

Gold (oz.)



Cerro Colorado (Producing mine.)


Estimated production for 2010.

Caballo Blanco


Estimated production in two years.

San Jose de Gracia


Estimated production in three years.



I submit that it is only a matter of time before Goldgroup receives a more reasonable market valuation.  Indeed, on the basis of this conviction I have already accumulated a nice position.


I encourage all of you to check this opportunity out thoroughly.  The Goldgroup Mining website ( offers a large amount of useful information.  Also, I found the following article quite informative - The author is a current shareholder and is unabashedly enthusiastic about the company’s prospects.  Even so, there are lots of fact-based data points that I was able to glean from his article.


I doubt you will find a more compelling opportunity.  And, if you can, tell me about it!




P.S. – I am a recent shareholder of Goldgroup Mining; my first shares were acquired on May12, 2010.  I have no relationship whatsoever to Goldgroup, its directors, officers, management, or employees.

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