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Iím just as worried as I am sad

 Is what is happening in this country, indeed, world, really happening?
I mean seriously.  
Elections are rigged for one side and the law does nothing. 
The government itself is for one side, including law enforcement and prosecution.  
J6ers rot in jail with no bail for bullshit trespassing charges and the law brings the hammer whereas the law does nothing against BLM and Antifa.
From Courts of law to school boards and all in between,  truthful information is intentionally concealed while outright false or manipulated information is promoted.  
When one party tells the truth it is roundly criticized and we are told they are lies, while the other party tells lies and we are told it is the truth.  
How dare the GOP not agree with the democrats to allow universal, unrestricted, tax payer funded killing of babies.  The conservatives are the radicals..
There is daily outrage that mothers and fathers have the audacity to care about their children much less question the educational system—and I mean GRADE SCHOOL.   
If a plastic surgeon looks at child pornography on his computer, the law throws him in jail and labels him and tracks him for life, but if he amputates a 14 year old child’s penis or breasts the law protects him.   By the way, if that same doctor criticizes the Covid vaccines and/or prescribes ivermectin he may lose his license in the wrong state.  
You and I are racist bigots and always have been and our failure to recognize that biological sex is nothing more than a personal choice proves it.  
Just as ones sex is simply a choice so is what is considered hateful or non truthful speech and therefore should censored.  
As I am sure you are well aware, I could go on, but I need to go back to my deplorable life and blissfully believe and accept that I am nuts and completely overreacting to all the above lies that Donald Trump has brainwashed me to believe.  

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