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Similar items, more expensive on outlet site

Just curious about these similar (not exactly the same, jewel mounted differently, etc.) items on the outlet website versus the main website.  
They are both 0.10 CTW and silver. The main website item includes the chain, the outlet item describes it as a pendant, doesn't mention chain (which is a bit confusing, as it doesn't say "chain sold separately" or the like), so seems like just the pendant. 
The price (both "list" and sale price) is higher on the outlet site than main site.  
Is it just a case of an older version of a style/item, being cleared out on the outlet site, and the old style originally being (maybe originally on the main site ?) set at a higher list price (and now they think it is sufficiently discounted to sell on the outlet site) ? Whereas a newer version style/item was set at a lower list price on the main site (maybe because of more competitive prices in the M jewelry industry ?), and also has the always-a-sale-price discount ?    
Anyway, does C&C think the shoppers on the outlet site are a distinct separate group, so they won't notice a similar item on main site that is actually less expensive ? The outlet shopper will just see the outlet item, and think "that seems like a great price" ?   
Or are the sites run by different groups/employees, and nobody is coordinating things company-wide ?
It is just one (two similar) item(s), and I haven't dug through the sites to see if it is a common or a unique situation.  
Surely somebody high up in C&C is overseeing it all, to make sure pricing makes sense. And hopefully somebody in the outlet group is ensuring folks shopping the outlet site find values that make sense versus the main site offerings (and of course versus competitors). Or is it all just willy-nilly ? Yes, profit is a (major) consideration, but profit overall for the company (novel idea, eh ?), not just one site or specific items. (In reality, they should be making good/big profits on every item on each site, but that is another discussion.)  
I just stumbled on this, and was curious. Am I missing something ? 

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