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What's all the nonsense from Mgt about headwinds in the industry ?

Headwinds ?  Who do they think they are fooling ?  C&C is in a great growing market space.  
<<<"How 2023 became the year of the lab-grown diamond">>> 
Sounds like any company in the space should be raking in profits  
<<<According to jewelry industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, sales of these man-made diamonds have increased from under $1 billion in 2016 to just under $12 billion in 2022. They represent just over 17% of the overall diamond market, according to diamond research firm Edahn Golan. The rate of growth is accelerating: Lab-grown sales shot up 38% from 2021 to 2022.>>>
Those are huge growth numbers. Hard to imagine that any company could fail to make big money in this space.  
From $1 B to $12 B.  How is it possible that C&C (a pioneer in lab jewels ?) did not grab at least $1 B of that ?  
<<<Many consumers plough the savings from buying a lab-grown diamond into more jewelry>>> 
What have we consistently said.......moissanite (and lab D) will generate repeat purchases.   
<<<“You have a beautiful engagement ring, but you want to get a matching set of earrings or a pendant … You can get all those aspirational pieces that you always wanted.”>>>
Yep. Discover the value of lab M or D when obtaining the engagement ring, and you see that more fine jewelry is good value. 
<<<it allows for customers to become repeat purchasers, whereas “bridal is a single purchase.>>>
A mined D for engagement ring is an experience that makes people think fine jewelry is NOT good value. But lab M/D gives the experience that fine jewelry is good value, and people want more. 
<<<sales of lab-grown stones are likely to continue growing at an annual double-digit percentage rate in the next few years>>>
The trend is not changing. C&C is in a fast growing market, and it will continue fast growth.  Couldn't ask for a better situation. Ideal for Mgt. They'd have to be really horrible to blow this opportunity. Of course that has been true for many years. 
<<<Dorsey, which was founded in 2019, saw its sales grow 600 percent from 2021 to 2022, and is on track to double sales again this year.>>>
And what sales growth rate has C&C Mgt achieved in this space ? Nobody would believe the numbers they are stating. Actual declines in sales ? In this space ?    
<<<Lab-grown diamond brand Brilliant Earth saw a 15.7 percent net sales increase in 2022, to $440 million.>>>
BE had $440 million in sales.  Where is C&C ? 
C'mon. Stop the BS about headwinds. Regardless of the overall economy (good or bad), this lab jewelRY market is going gangbusters. There is NO economic factor goin against C&C. 
Get out there and grab our share. Hint......at a total market of $12 Billion (and growing), our share is above a billion.  

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