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Resigning from AFP to protest Nikki!

There's a high likelihood I get fired for this, and I didn't clean out my desk today but here goes... I joined and because we were a princoiple based organization.
I found them, almost accidentaly, in 2017 when I was a keyboard warrier with no influence. My wife, my 6-week-old baby, and I, ultimately attended. We found common cause and common allies. Folks that were dedicated to the same cause we were --- making NH and America more free.
Years of volunteering untimately led to a job. But not a job, a passion that paid. A cause to fight for while still being able to supply for my family. A dream come true.
I've disagreed with over the years on a number of things -- COVID, for one -- but ultimately believed that and was such a force and principled enought that it was a place to stake my career.
Earlier this week, we learned the opposite. might have momentum, and she may even pull off the impossible and win the nomination, but with 's endorsement, I've lost all faith in .
Nikki Haley is totally sideways on 's foreign policy stance. She's anti free speech.
I respect my colleagues, many of whom will stay and do their jobs, and work to nominate and elect Nikki Haley.
I will not. In 10, 15, 20 years I want to look my children in the eye and tell them I did the right thing. The hard thing.
In tweeting this I give up friends, family, and a job. I give up a lot. But for the right reasons.
I need the insurance. I need the pay. I need the benefits.
But, more than that, I need to instill in the next generation that we do the right thing, always, despite the pay, benefits, and add-ons.
I will never vote for Nikki Haley. Not once. My children deserve better than to be drafted into some war overseas.
If it comes down to it, I'll vote for Biden over Haley 10 times out of 10, because he's less of a threat to our country.
It is my solemn prayer that returns to it's princples, quickly, and supports freedom over foreign intervention. That it supports realism and restraint. That it supports Free Speech.
In the meantime, I'll continue to fight for Live Free or Die values in New Hampshire -- paid or not -- because it matters that much.

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