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Re: Why 21st-century science is in trouble

Unfortunately, <So what to do about all of this? Iíll be damned if I know..... We spent decades creating this problem, and I donít think that any immediate turnaround is in the offing.

All of this has really caused me to re-examine everything that I thought I knew about the trajectory of human behavior. Iíve spent my entire life thinking that humans were bound to improve their lot over time. These days, Iím not as confident.>

Sadly, I'm not surprised or even remotely shocked where upright apes have "arrived" in regards to critical thinking.

Carl Sagan's book: The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, circa 1996, explored the subject in depth; its an outstanding read that should be required reading in every school.



The Demon-Haunted World provides many arguments about our society that will always remain relevant. Sagan mainly argues for increased education among younger populations regarding critical thinking and scientific literacy. First, he explains that scientific literacy and critical thinking are essential for democracy, especially the United Statesí democracy because they are linked in society, you canít have one without the other. Democracy allows people to share their beliefs, but with this comes many different perspectives and arguments, and critical thinking is required to determine which are true or false. Science literacy provides similar tools and benefits as critical thinking, but Sagan claims it allows us to participate in the biggest method of understanding our universe. Science is constantly evolving and is intertwined with our democracy, so to fully participate in democracy, you must be able to understand science....>

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