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Re: ezek.. maybe you know something..

It's real simple, I don't sell short nor do I hold long. My shares were awarded by LVLT, CTL, and now Lumen. All of which I've sold over the years. They were part of my salary package. Much like Executives, Senior managers negotiate their salary packages. These are the same people you claim are poor money managers. I have watched first the Yahoo board, now this one, and it's pretty much all the same people who for 20 years have been blaming shorts, management, and everything else for their poor investment choices. I keep hearing all the talk about the dividend. Have you come anywhere near close to recovering your lost equity from the past 20 years? I don't think so. That 9% dividend everyone talks about is based on an 11-dollar share price. Little more than 5 years ago the shares were over 30. How much per share have your dividends recovered for you? Maybe 8 dollars? Even maybe 10. 10 from 30 is 20. The current share price is hovering around 11. You are still underwater by 30 percent.
The dividend is a fool's journey if anyone can actually and honestly look at the facts. And what I know is information readily available from the SEC.

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181507 Re: ezek.. The stock LUMN can't break out higher...ignore the 9% dividend, Shorts won. berkstock3 1 8/12/2022 11:17:29 AM

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