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from yahoo board ( very good)

I hate it when a company does it after hours on a Friday since it seems like they have really bad news but on a Monday or Tuesday in the morning like the 29th is a great time.

I do know, this sector is turning around and Arch is the second largest and best value. It might not have the cash that BTU has but it has the potential to go up over a thousand percentage points in PPS while BTU cannot do that so I am sticking with ACI and ANR over the three major ones in this sector and happy to have bought at and near lows once again for the cycle like last time and will be happy to sell at the highs in the 50s and 60s at the peak of this next cycle which will be in one to three years and likely three years since that is how it works.

In the mean time, I will continue to trade to pay for new longs so I have zero risk and move on to other sectors down and out ready to rebound and being careful of October and the DOW being far too high for any economy and especially a bad one with a gap at 6500 or somewhere near there so I proceed with caution going long yet paying for share in everything through trading, holding cash on hand in case of a market crash to always dive into IBM, the best company listed on the exchanges and the one that will last longer than any imo.

ACI looks to either be getting overbought now or ready for a breakout but I hope it pulls back and grab some more cheap shares since October will be about the last time to get cheap shares on ACI as it will be near or at double digits by end of year imo.

Good luck everyone and so long as you use logic and research, you can't go wrong but once you let emotions into your investing, you are going to lose money. That is advice for new investors aka those trading and investing 7 or less years since those with a good ten or 20 years experience already knows the secrets.

I'll list as a buy do to low price per book but hope for pullback soon.

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