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Inside Look

This is a interesting post from R.B.

By: va2006biz
24 Jun 2007, 09:20 AM EDT
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Take off your rose colored glasses. The Wall Street Transcript is a paid-for advertising medium that has likely been paid for either with free share or not honoring other obligations. That is not meaningful communications with the shareholders.

The management team is failing, and consistently failing in its fiduciary duty to the shareholders to answer questions, and I'm not talking about answering questions on a restricted message board either. They need a shareholders meeting and a conference call to be held accountable.

You need to stop being chief apologist for this management team and the company because the fact of the matter is that there are no licensing revenues, even from Atmel which is NOT the number # semiconductor manufacturer in the world. You might want to look at Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor before you look at Atmel for that distinction.

Airbee has 11 late or restated filings. No licensing revenues. $12M of shareholders accumulated losses. A CEO who was owner and CEO of a Chapter 7 company which also was involved in software and also had an operation in Chennai, India. You have a sub-optimal management team that has put this company is a major predicament. If they can pull it out of the bag, and that's a BIG if, you are likely looking at mega dilution. The odds are long that someone will entertain buying this gnat.

It's also a fact that the value your stock, and everyone else's stock has consistently sunk. That's the real measurement of success. You're likely looking at the same 7-figure loss I'm looking at.�

This gentleman is the ex CFO, that took the blame for the buying of Identity.
He recently won a suite against Airbee.
I take heart to this post, because he is also going to loose millions of dollars
if the company fails.
If I had doubts about buying into this company a few weeks ago, this just reinforced the fact that Airbee Wireless is in a downward spiral.
Good luck to the owners of shares and kudos to those who had sense to do proper DD prior to investing.
Signing off, The Pokster.

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