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Re: Did you see the price tag?

 Hi Tim,
Thanks for your feedback.  Acadia had $416.80 million cash on hand at the end of the last quarter.  They also lost $41.7 million last quarter.  The last three quarters were as follows:
                           Revenue                           Loss 
You would have to assume that the loss will begin to shrink starting in the 2nd quarter of this year as sales are to begin during the month of April when sales of DAYBUE begin.  I would guess that there are no free samples for this drug, but am unsure so maybe there is a month without DAYBUE revenue during the 2nd quarter, in any case there will be some new revenue.  It is unlikely there will be much additional cost as they have already ramped up there sales force based on my understanding of what they said at the quarterly call.
Could Acadia do an offer.  YES.  But I hope not.  It is likely not needed. 
Regarding the benchmark payments to Neuren, yes, we have to pay out a certain percent, but only IF Acadia makes impactful revenue.  So yes they make a payment, but it is a payment coming from DAYBUE revenues.  
This will not be a blockbuster drug in terms of revenue, but it will almost certainly make Acadia profitable and that is a major milestone. 
I would add more importantly I am very happy this drug is approved for those who suffer from RETT syndrome and their caregivers.  I pray DAYBUE significantly improves their quality of life.

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