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CET Reviewed on S A

An OK review of (CET). It probably is timely though since (CET's) mp has again surpassed the Drip price divvy investors got of $35.36/sh. With the climb in its nav it does look like the mp for (CET) will not fall below that again from here. It was over it a week or so ago but the NAV on it was a good bit lower the last time the mp topped the Drip price..


The piece did cite the Insurance Etf (KIE) as a reference for the pricing of the huge Plymouth Rock holding that (CET) has in its port and that seems to be used by (CET) to get its pricing. That is probably a good technique to avoid huge val swings in the nav. One comment in the piece caught my eye. That was how (CET) had swung to a huge calculated discount of > 20% back in June. Turns out that must have been a function of stale pricing of the nav since the next reportted Nav which came in Friday 6.17.23 showed a huge shrinkage in the discount back to a very modest -14%. While that may have been an excessive shrinkage it did bring the metric more in line with the o/a stock market as those days in June were quite challenging for the market as a whole. Four of the previous six trading days had shown drops of more than 2%/day.

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