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Re: HTGC Reports

I noticed that, too, but it did get me to check them out,
and as a result, I intend to invest in ABR.
I missed its appreciation today (my experience
has been that reacting to good news often results
in me buying in at a higher price than the
closing price and subsequent pricing, so I held
back. When does the price action prove
that reaction to be wrong? When I don't buy,
and that's exactly what happened today.

Not only with ABR, but more painfully, with the price
movement of HTGC. I didn't want to buy
in on too high of a spike up, so my limit order
was placed at a level that was a little higher than
yesterday's closing price. Never got close to
that level, as HTGC has a sizeable move up
today. I hope for a slight pullback on

I hate to just place a market order at the
opening of trading, but today, that would have been
the right move with HTGC and the non-BDC ABR.

Now that SA is limiting articles for reading to
nonsubscribers, I amrelying more on VF for article subjet
titles, Insider Monkey (wich also limits reading)
and Yahoo Finance articles which i have recently
found can be helpful. Investor Village, of course,
offers a good forum for discussion, exchanging ideas, and
and fact-checking.

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