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Here's a few more things to look for as we move into 2020, from the long list of oil & gas stocks I'm invested in and/or follow, ...companies that are working on potentially very significant projects:
- Touchstone Exploration
This company trades in both Canada and London, and is a relatively new entrant into my basket of oil & gas stocks. They have exploration and production acreage in Trinidad.
They are currently in the middle of a drilling and testing campaign on some of their exploration acreage, and results so far have been highly encouraging.
First, they drilled and tested a gas well, and flowed it at robust rates of over 11 MMCF/Day.
Then they drilled an oil exploration well, where logs are indicating the potential for over 1000 feet of oil pay. This is quite incredible, and reminds me of something that might have been seen if HDY/N would've had a successful drill at one of the large 'Spear Structures' near the GFZ, offshore Guinea.
I'm not sure about the areal extent of this prospect though. And, of course, it needs to be tested to demonstrate flow rates. They've indicated like to proceed with testing over the coming weeks, pending rig availability.
(Also, as an interesting note, back many millions of years ago, when the continents were together, the area where Trinidad is now may not have been too far away from offshore Guinea.)
- Sacgasco
This is a small company that trades on the Australian Exchange. They have natural gas exploration and production acreage in the Sacramento Basin in California.
They, along with a few partners, are preparing to drill and test a potentially very large gas prospect called Borba over the coming weeks and months.
When they drilled and tested the nearby Dempsey prospect a few years back, it was a gas discovery, but flowed just modest quantities, due largely to poor reservoir quality at this location.
They think the Borba location offers the possibility for better reservoir quality.
If it's successful, there's infrastructure not too far away for monetization, plus this area receives a premium for natural gas prices compared to other areas in the US.
- Falcon Oil & Gas
Falcon, and partner Origin, are currently conducting an exploration and testing campaign in Australia's Beetaloo Basin, where earlier studies have indicated the possibility for a very large, regional gas resource.
They're currently drilling a horizontal, and soon plan to test the well, which may also contain a hydrocarbon liquids component.
- 88 Energy/Pantheon Resources
88 Energy and recent farmin partner Premier Oil are preparing to drill the Charlie-1 well in Alaska, targeting a February spud.
This is a large, stacked prospect of about 7 zones, with CoS varying from appraisal of a previous discovery, to much more speculative exploration upside. 
Pantheon Resources also has acreage in the greater region, with a discovery, and have been trying to secure a farmout to proceed with exploration/development, but I'm not sure about the timing.
Their acreage however is in a more advantageous location, close the main highway, so they don't have as much seasonal work limitations.
just my opinion 

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