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Series I transferable warrants mandatory convertible price adjusted up to $2.10 share


 Very valuable opportunity or why warrants being held

 From S3


The warrants were issued in connection with our rights offering completed in August 2022 and pursuant to a warrant agent agreement between us and Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, the warrant agent. There is no public trading market for the warrants.




Each warrant will be exercisable at any time and will expire five years from the date of issuance. The warrants will be exercisable, at the option of each holder, in whole or in part by delivering to us a duly executed exercise notice and payment in full for the number of shares of our common stock purchased upon such exercise, except in the case of a cashless exercise as discussed below. The number of shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of the warrants is subject to adjustment in certain circumstances, including a stock split of, stock dividend on, or a subdivision, combination or recapitalization of the common stock. If we effect a merger, consolidation, sale of substantially all of our assets, or other similar transaction, then, upon any subsequent exercise of a warrants, the warrant holder will have the right to receive any shares of the acquiring corporation or other consideration it would have been entitled to receive if it had been a holder of the number of shares of common stock then issuable upon exercise in full of the warrant.


Cashless Exercise


If at any time there is no effective registration statement registering, or the prospectus contained therein is not available for issuance of, the shares issuable upon exercise of the warrant, the holder may exercise the warrant on a cashless basis. When exercised on a cashless basis, a portion of the warrant is cancelled in payment of the purchase price payable in respect of the number of shares of our common stock purchasable upon such exercise.


Exercise Price


Each warrant represents the right to purchase 2,222 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $0.50 per share. In addition, the exercise price per share is subject to adjustment for stock dividends, distributions, subdivisions, combinations, or reclassifications, and for certain dilutive issuances. Subject to limited exceptions, a holder of warrants will not have the right to exercise any portion of the warrant to the extent that, after giving effect to the exercise, the holder, together with its affiliates, and any other person acting as a group together with the holder or any of its affiliates, would beneficially own in excess of 4.99% of the number of shares of our common stock outstanding immediately after giving effect to its exercise. The holder may not increase the beneficial ownership limitation provisions of the warrant with our prior consent (which may be withheld in our sole discretion).




Anti-Dilution Protection


If, at any time after the initial exercise date of the warrants until the two (2) year anniversary of the initial exercise date, we sell or grant (or announce any offer to sell or grant) any shares of common stock or common stock equivalents entitling any person to acquire shares of our common Stock at an effective price per share that is lower than the then exercise price (such lower price, the “Base Share Price”), then the exercise price will be reduced to equal the Base Share Price. The Base Share Price may not be less than $0.16. In addition, no conversion price adjustment will be made in respect of an Exempt Issuance.


Redemption Right


We may redeem the warrants at a price of $0.01 per underlying share of common stock at any time following the one-year anniversary of issuance if the volume-weighted average price of our common stock is above $2.10 for ten consecutive trading days, subject to certain conditions and limitations.


Fundamental Transactions


In the event of a fundamental transaction, as described in the warrants and generally including, with certain exceptions, any reorganization, recapitalization or reclassification of our common stock, the sale, transfer or other disposition of all or substantially all of our properties or assets, our consolidation or merger with or into another person, the acquisition of more than 50% of our outstanding common stock, or any person or group becoming the beneficial owner of 50% of the voting power represented by our outstanding common stock, the holders of the warrants will be entitled to receive upon exercise of the warrants the kind and amount of securities, cash or other property that the holders would have received had they exercised the warrants immediately prior to such fundamental transaction. Additionally, as more fully described in the warrant, in the event of certain fundamental transactions, the holders of the warrants will be entitled to receive consideration in an amount equal to the Black Scholes value of the warrants on the date of consummation of such transaction.




Subject to applicable laws and restrictions, a holder may transfer a warrant upon surrender of the warrant to us with a completed and signed assignment in the form attached to the warrant. The transferring holder will be responsible for any tax that liability that may arise as a result of the transfer.


Rights as Stockholder


Except as set forth in the warrant, the holder of a warrant, solely in such holder’s capacity as a holder of a warrant, will not be entitled to vote, to receive dividends, or to any of the other rights of our stockholders.


Amendments and Waivers


The provisions of each warrant may be modified or amended or the provisions thereof waived with the written consent of us and the holder.




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